Descending from New York City in East Harlem, Pellegrino’s is as rich in its proudly fostered heritage as its food is in flavor. The food tastes as if someone has been perfecting it for generations.

Forget red-checkered tablecloths, empty Chianti bottles and plastic grapes hanging from arbors. This sparkling facility is upscale white-tablecloth all the way, highlighted by warm decorator touches and a service staff keenly aware of how enjoyable the restaurant is.

You might not be able to catch a quick flight to New York or even get a reservation at the much-in-demand restaurants. But the same wonderful food is waiting for you right here in Boca Raton.

Dinning Room Available
Monday - Wednesday for
Private Functions 40 - 60 People

Private VIP Room for 12 to 24 people
Patio: WiFi & Dog Friendly


East Harlem NYC